143 Million Reasons


Over the last 10 years, Project 143 has been an orphan hosting program serving vulnerable children around the world.  Our name was inspired by the 143,000,000 orphans in the world at the time.  While we began as a hosting organization, we have worked to serve children and caregivers around the world as well as serve the families who have stepped out to support these children.  Our top priority has always been to put the wellbeing of children at the center of everything.

Because there are never too many people to help, P143 is launching a long-standing vision to bring more awareness to the 143 million orphans worldwide and provide resources for the individuals and families who advocate for them. Our staff, volunteers, families, counseling and trauma professionals can’t wait to share all we’ve learned over the past 10 years with our readers through our newly created blog – 143 Million Reasons.  Topics you can expect to find include foster care, adoption, orphan care, trauma, and more.  We may even throw in a few country-specific recipes.

For current advocates, we hope you will see our blog as a way to become better prepared to serve. For new advocates and families, we hope to educate, inform, and guide you with answers to all of the questions P143 has become accustomed to addressing.  If you seek information, let us know.  We will try to help you find it.

As many of you know, P143 regularly tells the individual stories of the children we serve, now we hope you will be part of our collective voice to share the bigger picture. The joy, the pain, the wonder, the disappointment, success, and failure.  Please share your stories with us!

We hope our blog will be entertaining, inspiring, educational, and create a ripple effect of world change.

Thank you for sharing our first blog with us.  We hope you will share with many others.

Tammy Cannon, Executive Director
Michelle Vernon, Director of Communication
Brandy Torvinen, Finance Director
Traci Mai, Program Director


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