20 Things You Can Do to Support Orphans & Vulnerable Children


More and more people are feeling drawn to adoption, foster care, and other opportunities supporting orphaned and vulnerable children. Whether you are a church, nonprofit organization, business, individual, school, homeschool group, parent support group, civic or community organization — everyone has varying skill sets, resources and experiences to share

Most people understand why to get involved but aren’t sure how. We’ve created this list to generate awareness and inspire every person from age 5 to 95 to consider how YOU can change the life of a vulnerable child.

  • Hold a collection drive for items needed by the local foster care system, children’s home or orphanage.
  • Distribute cards advocating for children awaiting adoptive families, needing sponsorship or hosting.
  • Plan a child dedication or welcome shower for recently adopted or foster children in your congregation.
  • Plan a fundraiser to benefit orphaned and vulnerable children.
  • Host an orphan care forum to recruit and educate your community on the needs locally and globally.

  • Setup info table to share opportunities at a church, concert, festival, workplace or school.
  • Lunch and Learn in the workplace to present orphan care needs locally and globally.
  • Donate a portion of your business proceeds to raise awareness and support vulnerable children.
  • Begin an adoption grant in your church or workplace to financially aid adopting families.
  • Encourage your church to participate in Orphan or Stand Sunday.

  • Include a bulletin insert one Sunday that educates the congregation on the needs of the vulnerable.
  • Serve on a mission trip to help vulnerable children.
  • Kickoff or relaunch an orphan care ministry in your church.
  •  Volunteer for a nonprofit organization serving vulnerable children.
  •  Sponsor a child.

  • Make a donation to enable vulnerable children to attend summer camp.
  • Host a child living in an out-of-family situation.
  • Provide respite care.
  • Become a foster family.
  • Adopt a child.

For this list and 30 more, view the attached file here.


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