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There are many different reasons for hosting!  One may be hosted to gain a mentor, to be adopted by the host family or to have the family advocate on their behalf in order to find their forever family!  In an effort to help with the latter, we are introducing some amazing children that are here right now in the US hoping to find a family!  These children will be in the US until April 17th, so time is of the essence.  If you or someone you know are interested in meeting one of these children, please contact Traci Mai at tracim@p143.org.  Please keep these children and their host families in prayer!  Let us introduce you to:  

Hosted in FLORIDA

C109 FAB (11) is smart and does very well at school. His favorite subject is math. Outside of school he loves to play soccer, and he’s competitive on the field. He’d love to meet a famous soccer player one day. FAB is very talkative with other children as well as loving and respectful. He likes animals. He was really excited about possibly riding on an airplane and seeing new things. His greatest wishes are for a bicycle and a family. FAB gets along great with other children and loves to play outside, swim, and canoe with others.

Hosted in INDIANA

C113 MAR (13) is a talented girl, she loves to dance and play instruments. She enjoys drawing, playing outside with friends on the trampoline, watching movies, playing arcade games, and sitting in the hot tub. MAR is expressive, happy, and kind, but she suffers from having low self-esteem due to her ever changing surroundings and situations.

Hosted in OREGON

C122 SER (11) is a very inquisitive, polite, funny, and sweet little boy who loves to spend time with animals. A curious guy, he shows natural leadership qualities. At school his favorite class is English, and he was very excited to visit the USA. He enjoys taking long bubble baths, spending time as a family, playing games, cooking, watching movies. SER also likes to spend time in his own space, and can often be found singing and carefully arranging objects in his room. SER would do best in a family where he is the youngest child with much older children in the family, or where he is an only child.

Hosted in MAINE

C024 CRI (13) does have a hearing impairment, but he doesn’t let it slow him down and is also very bright and perceptive. He is an energetic, outgoing boy who loves outdoor activities, and is also very disciplined with personal hygiene: making his bed every morning, cleaning his room, and folding his own clothes. He also loves to help with household chores. CRI's favorite activities are soccer, bicycling, swimming and visiting the beach, and going to the library. He loves family time. He is very loving and thoughtful and craves attention. CRI loves dogs and cats, as well as playing with other children. He can be sensitive at times, but he is quick witted and has a great sense of humor. He loves hugs, prayers before meals and bedtime.

Hosted in NEBRASKA

C039a NAT (15) is a sweet, beautiful, compassionate young lady who loves new experiences! Some of her favorites since being in America have been: first time cooking scrambled eggs, first time making hard boiled eggs, first time learning how to vacuum, first time going to a zoo. She loves to chat with her host sister and spend time with the family cooking, playing games, and even dying Easter eggs. Before coming to America, NAT worked hard on both her English and her sign language in order to communicate with her host family.


C088 OSC (12) is a sweet, polite, and respectful child who has a great laugh and likes hugs! He enjoys playing games as a family, hiking in the mountains, archery, riding bikes, and walking the family dog along the beach. OSC gets along well with other children and animals alike, and given the choice chose to share a room with his host brother! He likes to spend time with others as well as meal times with everyone. OSC has a real sweet tooth, but hold the broccoli and cauliflower please!

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