Hostings are a very special time when memories are made that will last a life time. This week, we are highlighting some special moments that our host families have had over the past 2 weeks!

Family: Dee

Our youngest was so excited for Mafe to come visit us - she knew the snow would be melted by the time Mafe arrived so she thoughtfully saved a cup of snow in our freezer. Sunday morning after a little sleep following our 4am arrival home, the first thing Mafe asked for was to see the snow. It was a sweet moment between the two of them. Then a few days later we had some flurries so she was able to see snow falling (even if it was just a little!). She was thrilled to run outside and see a few flakes on our pool cover.

Family: Billingsley

This adventurous girl had her first swim lesson ever this morning and she loved it! I was so proud of her confidence and eagerness to learn.

Puppy Kisses

The only thing more energetic than the ten-year-old in my house is the dogs!

I was worried E might find them intimidating, but they’re getting along great. She loves to walk them on the leash and they found a good sleeping spot at the foot of her bed.

Thank you to the staff at Lupo Verde for making last night such a special night out, complete with an enormous bowl of gelato for E!

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