A View Into Ukraine


Ukraine has deep roots, timeless traditions, and some of our favorite host children! Below is some interesting information about Ukraine, its people, and its culture.

Fast Facts

Ukrainian is the primary language
Grivna is the currency
Population of roughly 43.7 million people
It is the largest country entirely in Europe
There are 7 World Heritage sites

Location, Geography, and Religion

Area of 233,062 square miles
Shares a border with 7 countries
Kyiv is the capital city
46% Ukrainian Orthodox
40% do not identify with a religion
For those who celebrate Christmas in Ukraine, it is celebrated on January 7th

Ukrainian Customs

Female friends will kiss on the cheek 3 times
Male friends will hug or pat each other on the back
Ukrainians typically have 3 parts of their name:
• First name
• Last name
Formally use all 3 names
Friends may use only first name and patronymic
Flowers are only given in odd numbers and no yellow flowers
There are many superstitions in Ukraine, listed here.
Name Days are celebrated

Traditional Ukrainian Cuisine

Borscht - Beet soup
Verenyky/Pelmeni - Dumplings
Golubtsi - Meat wrapped in Cabbage
Olivier - Potato Salad
Pyrizhky - Potato, Meat or Cabbage filled rolls
Kotlety - Meat cutlets
Kvass - Rye bread drink
Potatoes, Beets, Cabbage, and some sort of meat are staples in Ukrainian meals

For more information about Ukraine and their amazing culture, please visit this website.

If you have any questions about hosting our Ukrainian children, please email our Program Director, Traci Mai, at tracim@p143.org.

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