Advocacy: Why It Matters


When we talk about advocacy, our goal is to allow children to be seen - to be known.  When they are known, families are more likely to come forward to host or adopt them.  

Project 143 works hard to make sure that the whole child is represented and that we get to know them beyond their story or circumstances.  

What do they like to do?  

Do they have any hopes or dreams?  

What are they afraid of?  

What brings them joy?  

What worries do they have?  

Of course, it often starts with a picture.  When we can get high-quality photos from hosting, we start to see the children.  Here are some before/after photos of some children over the years.  

Some of the best ways to advocate for a child are by getting high quality pictures and videos that really let their personality shine, as well as by sharing stories from your time together and information that helps a family to get to know the child better. The more the better!

Below is the link to a story from a P143 volunteer who uses her empty nest as an opportunity to host and give these children the chance they may not have otherwise.

Using My Empty Nest For Orphans

This is one of the ways that we have advocated for kids while on the host program. It is never too early for advocacy!

A Look At Hosting: Advocacy

All host families advocate for their host children as well as the host program - we are partners together for kids!  Hosting changes lives!

During our hosting seasons, we are continually advocating for the children who are in the States, so keep an eye on our Facebook page! If you are interested in learning more about any of our host children or our host programs, contact our Program Director, Traci Mai, at

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