Bright Eyes Searching for Their Family


Meet 13-year-old SAN! 

This incredible boy is currently being hosted in New Hampshire by a family who is advocating for SAN to find his forever family, and they are overflowing with amazing things to say about him!!

SAN loves to swim, play games, visit amusement parks, and pretty much anything else that involves being together as a family. Plus, he is a great cook! This week he made cookies from scratch and helped to roll out the dough, even knowing to make a hole in the middle of the dough and pour water into it. SAN’s host sister happily noted how smart of a kid he is!

He has settled in quickly and adapts easily to new situations. And while we are happy how he has adjusted to his new environment, it is also very sad that SAN doesn’t have a Mum… just a revolving door of caretakers to take care of him and his needs.  He needs a real Mum to hug him and love on him like all kids need.  He needs the emotional connection of family!

Seriously, this kid is great! What a smile. So happy all the time. Whoever grabs him as their son will certainly be blessed. 

Don’t be afraid!  Is it hard… ? ya, it is. Is it worth every second of hard? You betcha.

Change the course of someone’s life… if not SAN… then someone. You’ll never regret it!

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