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In the last 10 years, there have been approximately 750 Latvian children adopted by families in the United States.  (U.S. State Department)  One of these is my own daughter.  She's more than just a number, though.  She's a sister, a daughter, a friend.  She is smart and funny and kind.  She is pursuing higher education and working two jobs.  She has aspirations for her future.  She is a hard worker and loves fiercely.  Since joining our family four years ago, she has learned how capable and smart she is.  She has learned to rely on her family and that she is never alone - even now as an adult.  

Kuldiga, Latvia - August 2016

But this may not be a possibility for children still in the system in Latvia.  Currently, there is proposed legislation to ban international adoption of Latvian children.  As one can imagine, this is a highly polarized topic and there are many misconceptions and generalizations that are leading to this.

For the 600 children currently residing in orphanages in Latvia, this would be a devastating blow - as it would effectively sever their chances of having a forever family of their own ... forever.  There are not Latvian families adopting these children who are older or have a variety of special needs and without a pathway for international adoption, the kids will age out of the system without a family for ongoing support - and most without the skills to effectively manage adulthood.  Too often, this also puts their children at a high risk of becoming the next generation of kids in the system as well.  

This is where we need your help!  We have been asked to make a video slideshow with updates on children who were adopted in America from Latvia. This form has questions for the necessary information and will be utilized to create the slides for your adopted child/ren.  

We will share the video when it is complete and shared in Latvia later this week!


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