Faith Over Fear


The possibility of loving a child you might never see again could be enough for some families to simply say no to hosting. But choosing not to host for fear that you may never see them again or for fear that your heart might be changed is a flawed approach.

Hosting is about giving, not getting.

Just as God cares for us, we are called to care for orphans. Your family may want to adopt, and you may find your future son or daughter through hosting. But hosting should ultimately be less about “you” and more about giving to the child. If your motivation is to simply “do something for your family,” then the fear of getting too attached or the fear of not getting what you want may keep you from doing it.

Hosting is a chance to show the love to others that God has shown you. It’s a chance to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Through hosting, you can be the arms that hold His child and let them see His love through your family. You can bring the mission field straight into your living room!

Pure and undefiled religion before God the Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained from the world.

– James 1:27

That verse spoke to me before my first hosting, and it still does today. I share it with families that we are to GO, RUN towards hard places and broken people, not away from them. Orphans come from hard and broken places, and they are running to you.

Some may find a forever family during hosting, and that is amazing! Some families may be stepping stones through advocacy toward their host children finding a forever family. No matter the outcome, these children have these weeks of hosting to be loved unconditionally in your family as a part of your family. What a gift to give a child!

It doesn’t mean you won’t get attached. It means no longer letting fear of loving a child in need rule your decisions. Letting go of the fear allows you to practice James 1:27 in your home by welcoming orphans with open arms and hearts.

There are 154 million orphans worldwide.

– UNICEF, 2022

Authors: Douglas and Carol Ohime


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