In 2010, in a small church in Savannah Georgia, God orchestrated a most unusual collision between an adoptive mom and a young youth pastor. Tammy Cannon was an adoptive mom of two young boys from Russia. Dima was adopted in 2005 and Iger in 2009.  Both brothers were like peas and carrots and just beamed with happiness.  Chris Crutchley was a young youth pastor and just a fireball of positivity, hope, and optimism.

When Chris learned about the conditions and circumstances of the boys and saw the resurrection of their lives, he felt instantly moved and called to aid orphan children, though he had zero experience and no plan on where to begin.  Tammy shared her testimony of how orphan hosting had opened her eyes to the needs of these kids – and from these discussions Project 143 was born.  Project 143 was the name that was chosen as an acknowledgement of the estimated 143,000,000 orphan children worldwide. To put this staggering number in perspective – this was more orphaned children than the entire population of Russia!

They knew that they couldn’t possibly help or save them all, but they decided that they could focus on saving just ONE!  And so in 2010, with the goal to save just one, Project 143 was born.  Now 10 years later, with God’s guidance,  P143 has had a role in helping over 2500 orphan children find hope through the P143 Orphan Hope Program.

With God’s guidance, P143 is now being called to extend and leverage our experience, talents, and resources to families with a heart for orphans and vulnerable children.  With this inspiration, P143 has launched the 143 Million Reasons Blog.

The goal is simple.

The 143 Million Reasons vision is to Inspire & Guide People to the Resources to Care for Orphan & Vulnerable Children.

The 143 Million Reasons mission is to create awareness of orphaned and vulnerable children, inspire people to respond to the crisis through action, and provide support and resources to families in need.

We want to provide families with a heart for orphans and vulnerable children the inspiration and resources to make an impact on these kids.  Through the 143 Million Reasons blog we will provide expertise, education, inspiration, and support for guide families through this vital but complicated landscape.