It’s Been a Long Time!


We Have A Hosting Arrival Tomorrow!!!

P143 is so excited to finally be able to celebrate an arrival for our Spring Hosting Program!  It has been since the winter season of 2019 that we have been able to bring kids for hosting due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Tomorrow 3/27/21, we will be welcoming our host children in Atlanta that will be coming from Colombia that will be here with the spring program.  This is quite a feat as it is the first hosting program within all of the organizations out there to bring children since the pandemic started.  So while we had a lot of bumps and new regulations to adhere to, we have overcome and we just can’t wait to have the children meet their host families!  Some of these families have been waiting for over a year to host their child.  Please keep the children, chaperones and families in your prayers.  Ahead of their flight to Atlanta, the children were brought to Bogota to quarantine ahead of their departure and to prepare for hosting.  Please enjoy the following pictures of our group that are currently at camp, waiting for Saturday.

Our 2021 Spring Program Hosting Group!

Hanging out at camp!

Practicing Airport Procedures.

Arts & Crafts.


Scavenger Hunt.


What is camp without a bonfire?

See You Saturday!

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