Orphan and Stand Sunday


Orphan and Stand Sunday are scheduled each year for the second Sunday in November. Intentionally incorporating awareness, advocacy or intercession into a church service can move the heart of the congregation. Here are a few critical numbers to know:

  • 143+ million: Number of orphans in the world 
  • 400,000: Number of children in U.S. foster care 
  • 380,000: Number of churches in the U.S.
  • 125,000: Number of children in the U.S. waiting for an adoptive family
  • 20,000: Number of children in the U.S. aging out with little to no support
  • 1: Number of people it takes to make a difference

For the past five years, we’ve provided our prayer partners with the name and photo of one waiting child and asked that you pray specifically for the boy, girl or sibling set you were assigned. This year is no different and we ask you to join us in prayer for a vulnerable child. Thank you for your commitment, whether 5 minutes, 5 days or 5 weeks.

To Receive the Photo of a Waiting Child

Are you willing to be a prayer partner for a foster child in the U.S. or child living in an orphanage internationally? Sign up and receive a 4x6 photo card of your assigned child. https://forms.gle/7w2XzZFtG4CK7YKj6

Guided Prayer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Use our prayer guide to intercede for the 143+ million orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide. There, you will find that we focused on seven essential prayers this year in the areas of personal responsibility, legislation, families, caregivers, advocates, healing and hope.

More Ways to Support

There are dozens of ways to support orphaned and vulnerable children every day, not just on Orphan and Stand Sunday.

Check out our 50 Ideas to Help Orphans


Become an Ambassador for Orphan Hosting

See examples of table-top displays, download flyers or PowerPoint presentations and see videos that can be played during a church service or posted on social media to share about orphan hosting.



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