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2020 has been full of many new challenges and pushed every family, business, and organization to find new ways to do their familiar activities.  Unfortunately, for international orphan hosting, it has been a year of many disappointments and struggles for caregivers across the globe.

A bright “new” that has come from the change and hardship is the P143 Zoom Roomz we have been able to launch with our Colombian team.

What is Zoom Roomz?

We have a scheduled call via Zoom once a week.  Families have to take turns as we can only accommodate 3-4 families and sets of children per call.

We begin in a full group setting.  A typical call has 3 families and 3 children (or sibling sets).  In addition, there are 3 translators as well as representatives from P143, La Casa in Colombia, and ICBF (child welfare entity in Colombia).  Our Colombian partner facilitates by asking some short questions of both children and families (and she will translate as well).

After each child and family has answered, the group will divide into "teams."  For this, the child has been told to wear a color of shirt and we ask that the families wear the same color, so we can divide into teams by color.

Each “team” will be sent to a Breakout Room with a translator.  At that point, you will begin interacting with the child/ren: you can ask questions, get to know them, play a game with them.

Teams spend at least 30 minutes in the breakout room before being brought back into the main room.  Families have used the time to get to know the kids and share things about their families.  The children are very relational and love getting to know people!

When back in the main room, each family and child will tell something about their time in the breakout room and then everyone says their goodbyes.

What kinds of things do the families and children do?

We have seen creative children and families in our initial few weeks of these meetings.

  • A child sang a song for the family (and the whole group, too)
  • Played Pictionary
  • Had a dance-off.  The child danced and then the family showed off their dance moves, too!
  • Talked about interests, likes/dislikes
  • Found common ground over their love of chocolate
  • Prayed together

What is the benefit of Zoom Roomz?

Personally, I have loved being part of the Zoom Roomz.  Seeing perfect strangers show up with a genuine curiosity and respect for each other is so refreshing.  And seeing the transition from the unsure faces at the beginning of the call to the big smiles when the teams join the main room again is so special.  These children are soaking up the attention on THEM.  They love having people from America that are interested in THEM - reminding them of their worth, value, and that they are known in this world.

How does a family sign up to participate?

In order to be invited to a Zoom Room, a family has to have committed to hosting and done the necessary paperwork for hosting.  Colombia cannot authorize the call until they have received the family’s information and approved them.  Colombia hosting documents can be found here: 


We are so excited to have this incredible opportunity for kids and families and hope to have YOU join us in an upcoming Zoom.

Email info@p143.org for more information or questions.


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