Sticks and Stones


Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.

If only all fairy tales or nursery rhymes were true. Sadly, for so many, reality is not so easy. In fact, it’s harsh to the point of seeming hopeless. If you’ve ever felt unwanted – for even a short period of time – then you might be able to just begin to imagine what life is like as an orphan everyday. Living without the support and love of a mom and dad and family that most of us take for granted.

Most orphans are testaments to the pain of feeling unloved by the very people the whole world tells you should love you — your parents and extended family.

All anyone wants is to be loved and belong. Can you imagine longing, wanting, and needing one thing – simply to be loved?

These orphan children – like anyone – want to belong. They WISH and HOPE and DREAM that they could do something to BELONG and be LOVED like everyone else.

Some people aren’t born to the right family. But that doesn’t mean God doesn’t have a plan for these children. The Creator’s wielding hand is constantly at work and through other means a child can find a family. There is always HOPE.

Will you invest a little time to get to know one these great kids this summer? These children need the wisdom and support they never received from their own parents. Adoption is great, and some of these relationships can evolve into a permanent family relationship. But make no mistake, to host an orphan child is to give them life; to give back the HOPE and DREAMS that were lost so early. And this can develop into lifelong relationships. Relationships that sculpt and change the UNWANTED and FORGOTTEN into a beautiful, LOVED and CHERISHED child of the King. Every child needs to hear that he is loved. And above all that God loves them. This gift of giving your family to a child for 5 weeks this summer – CHANGES THEIR LIFE…and yours too!

“There is never too much love in the world that reaching out is a bad idea.” -Adopted child.


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Traci Mai

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