Sweet Siblings Longing For Unconditional Love


Hosted in North Carolina

The following is written by YER & JHO's host mom:

These kids.  Where do I even begin?  Created in His image and with an eternal destiny, this South American duo moved into our lives through orphan hosting just over a week ago, and slid right into our hearts forever.  

YER is 13 and a social butterfly.  She is endless warmth, affection, and joy.  She is curious, inquisitive, and eager to learn.  Her sweet chatter echoes throughout our home.  JHO is a bundle of 11 year old energy, which is easily directed and contained.  He wants nothing but to please and make good choices.  He is also incredibly affectionate and loves to be social.  Both are effervescent children with a solid sibling relationship. They currently live with a foster family.  YER shared the following with me, “My foster family has made me believe that I am a treasure and they wish the best for our future.  They are very good people.”  These two desire nothing more than a family of their own.  They long for unconditional love, acceptance, and a soft place to fall.  They want to be tethered to forever.  And who can blame them for such a basic appeal? These are GOOD kids who would readily assimilate into any family.

This, my friends, is what adoption does.  It binds up the broken-hearted, redeems the lost, and pours out sacrificial love at the tender feet of the most vulnerable among us.  It ushers in hope in the face of despair, and changes their identity. By His grace. For His glory.  Go. Go seek. Go love. Go serve. Go adopt.  Just go. Here is your opportunity to change the trajectory of the lives of these amazing kids.  And likely generations to come.  This is the substance of eternity.

For further information on YER and JHO, please contact P143 at info@p143.org or visit their website – www.p143.org

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