The Promises of God: Michael’s Redemption


My son was delivered by the spiritual bondage of the word and meaning orphan, as he is no longer one. My son was delivered by the grip of the enemy in his personal life and set onto solid ground by our Lord Christ Jesus.  He no longer mocks or disrespects those in need or with physical or mental issues but now serves them, eats on the ground and chills with them, helps them and does this every weekend or during the day or evening going home.  If he see’s a homeless person hungry, he will feed them.  If he see’s they need clothes, he will cloth them.  If they are thirsty he will give them a drink.  To hear this young man minister into the lives of another the truth and message of Jesus and what He came to share just stops me dead in my tracks, fills my eyes with tears and my heart sing and cry out glory be to God.  Many times Michael has taken in street orphans and has helped me with caring for them and has poured into them.  He has traveled all over Ukraine with me bringing aid to the military, going into the war zone, loving on and bringing aid to orphans and homeless over the years.  He is part of an amazing church congregation I love, that serves those in need.  He lived with them over the years in their ministry where they helped point and lead Misha to Christ.  My son is no longer the man he once was and still continues to be transformed into the man God gave me the eyes to see him as.  Which are the eyes of Christ.  God is the only one that makes all things new.  He is the only one that can restore, heal and redeem.  What good works God starts, He always finishes until complete.

(Michael & Nicole back in Mykolaiv where our story began after the adoption for professional photos by a friend and teacher he knows)

Mish is not physically home with us yet as we have been praying for 6 years and trying but we know God has a plan.  We trust Him and continue to pray Michael home.  Our son is living independently and works full time at an amazing job and we are so incredibly proud of him.  He is still our crazy, goofy son but not the same young man I met.  God says blessed are those who believe but do not see.  I did not see, but trusted and believed but He has blessed me immensely, us immensely.  Parents dream of having healthy close relationships with their children when they are adults like best friends.  I am thankful to God I can say that with Michael.  We joke we have been to hell and back together.  He is blood of my blood as though he came from us and from all we have been through it has made us a stronger team together and for Christ though thick and thin.

(Michael and Nicole)

Adoption journeys are not always warm, fuzzy or turn out the way you hope, pray or plan.  But God is always in control, He knows what is best for you and your family and He knows what you can and cannot handle.  Yes, I do believe He will give you more then you can handle in order to get you to keep your eyes on Him, He gets the glory and you overcome with Him.  This makes you stronger in His wisdom and His ways not yours.  This journey is not about us, it never was.  God said to help the orphan.  It could be in a manner of serving them in their own country, adopting, foster care, supporting another missionary that helps them, supplying food, money or items to ministries that support them.  There are many successful adoption stories and many not.  My prayer and hope has always been even in the adoption stories that have a sad or tragic ending such as disruption or the child never makes it home is God does not make mistakes. God would not lead you there if He intended it for bad.  He always has a plan and do not surrender to the enemy in defeat or let pain or anger overtake you.  God has the throne and the final word and say.  These children are His and He goes before them and you.   This I hope again is a story for anyone who reads it of God, His miracles and His promises when we heed to Him and obey.  Then Gods blessings flow.  

(My kid God blessed me with…..God’s son, the child of the King on most high.)

Thank you Nicole for sharing your family's story!

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