Ukraine Still Needs Your Love ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’›


Help us brighten the spirits of the Ukrainian children and caregivers, remind them that we are praying for them, loving them, and have not forgotten about them.  We will be sending mail to our orphanages in Ukraine, Poland, and Switzerland mid-September.

Join us, get creative, send a note, card, or drawing! Please mail to us by September 10th as we need to get the bundles sent to Ukraine so they can receive them soon!

Project 143
PO Box 786
Rhome, TX 76078

We will take care of the rest!! We are excited to share this project with you!

You, our generous donors, have made the ongoing support of children in Ukraine, Poland, Italy, and Switzerland possible.  Through YOU, we continue sending much-needed monthly food support in light of the soaring prices, funding for transportation, housing, medical care, school supplies, and therapy services.  $50/month per child makes this possible. 

We cannot thank our donors enough for your continued commitment to the children victimized by the war.

Electrical system upgrades to improve reliability and safety. The previous system was from 1981 and could no longer be repaired:

Providing necessary supplies such as clothing, hygiene products, and activities for the children who remained in the orphanages:

Needed roof repairs due to leaks creating dangerous conditions:

Playground sports field fence repairs:

Assistance to reunite 30 younger children from Mariupol with their siblings and children from their orphanage – all now together again in Switzerland. Your funding helped with the documents needed, transportation, and assistance for the caregivers and nurses to travel with the children.

We could not have done any of this without you and we won’t stop serving the children of Ukraine in every way we can as the war rages on and the impacts on kids grow.  

Your donation of $50/month provides food, transportation, school supplies, and therapy support for a child in need.


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