Your Adoption Trip To China


With one google search, you can find information about the adoption process between the United States and China. There are fantastic accredited adoption agencies at work in China that are not only completing adoptions, but are also involved in amazing humanitarian work to assist children who are still waiting. As you research the China adoption process, you may find yourself wondering what happens once you are in-country? Here is a “typical” breakdown of an adoptive family’s time spent in China while on their adoption trip.

For the purposes of showing one day at a time, we are starting travel on a Thursday:

Thursday - Leave U.S. for Beijing

Friday - Arrive in Beijing. 

Saturday - Tour Beijing, which often includes Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City or the Great Wall. Rest and adjust to the time change and accompanying jet lag.

Sunday - Depart Beijing for your child’s province.

Monday - Meet your child, sign the Guardianship Agreement and take Registration Certificate photos then return to the hotel. 

Tuesday - Free day; optional tour or rest. 

Wednesday - Travel to the registration office to complete the adoption then go to the Provincial Notary Office to complete the notary interview. Travel to the Public Security Bureau to apply for your child’s passport. 

Thursday - Free day; optional tour or rest. 

Friday - Receive your notary documents in the morning. 

Saturday - Leave your child’s province for Guangzhou. 

Sunday - Meet with your agency to prepare paperwork for the Consulate appointment. 

Monday - Travel to the health clinic to complete your child’s visa physical and take visa photo.

Tuesday - Free day; optional tour or rest.

Wednesday - Your agency will deliver your visa packet to the U.S. Consulate Adoption Unit in the morning and you will go to the U.S. Consulate to take the oath that afternoon. 

Thursday - Free day in Guangzhou. Waiting for visa to be processed. 

Friday - An agency representative will pick up your child’s visa packet. Prepare to leave for home. 

Saturday - Leave China for the U.S.

Of course, leave room for adjustments to this itinerary based on differences from one agency to another. Additionally, some provinces in China require more time in-country. As you are researching the adoption process in China, ask prospective agencies for a breakdown of time in-country if you’d like to know what to expect in advance. Best wishes for a smooth adoption process! 


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